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Re: Linux vs Mac OS 10.3(Panther)

And i'm wondering about the
performance on linux.

I like Mac OS X, but hands down Linux is blazingly faster.

Linux has breathed new life into my 1996 Power Mac 8500. It has a 350 Mhz PowerLogix G4 CPU upgrade card, but even with that Mac OS X (installed via XPostFacto) is so slow as to be unusable. There's certainly no possibility of using it for development.

I also have a 700 Mhz iBook, and I would say that the feel of Linux on my 350 Mhz 8500, which has only a 50 MHz memory bus, is that my Linux mac feels faster and more responsive.

My understanding is that Mac OS X works pretty well when used for purely Unix applications, for example running servers like Apache, but when you do anything with the GUI, it runs very slow compared to Linux.

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