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Re: Linux vs Mac OS 10.3(Panther)

Im running both debian linux on my ibook (clamshell 366mhz 128mb ram)
and macosx on my imac dv (450mhz 384mb ram)

i as running linux on the imac before but blew it away due to hardware

macosx's gui seems to really bog it down. for example all its silly
around the dock etc are clearly in need of more power than my g3 450 can
offer but yet whilst straining through them quicktime is running without
a beat.

also the imac (apparently) has an in built mpeg decoder which isnt supported
in linux. so dvds run *perfect* in macos(9 or x) but poorly in linux (as the
must do all the work - which it isnt powerfull enough to do. i was using

i seem to be able to run everything unixy on macosx command line. x11 for
macosx is pretty good. i run gimp2 (although its somehow half way between
x11 and quartz right now) but its to demanding to be really usable on my 450
it was fine in linux.

i found sound support in linux was good, but it didnt handle plugining in
headphones and stuff properly. i posted bugs to alsa etc. but got sick
of it and put on osx before a resolution was found.

my imac is pretty much just for dvd/mpeg4/mp3/ogg play back anyway,
so macosx works and seeing as im at uni the au$130 price tag rips the
pants off xp.


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Subject: Re: Linux vs Mac OS 10.3(Panther)

> And i'm wondering about the
> performance on linux.

I like Mac OS X, but hands down Linux is blazingly faster.

Linux has breathed new life into my 1996 Power Mac 8500.  It has a 350 Mhz
PowerLogix G4 CPU upgrade card, but even with that Mac OS X (installed via
XPostFacto) is so slow as to be unusable.  There's certainly no possibility
using it for development.

I also have a 700 Mhz iBook, and I would say that the feel of Linux on my
Mhz 8500, which has only a 50 MHz memory bus, is that my Linux mac feels
and more responsive.

My understanding is that Mac OS X works pretty well when used for purely
applications, for example running servers like Apache, but when you do
with the GUI, it runs very slow compared to Linux.

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