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Re: Pre-Beginner's post (convince me)

On Wednesday 12 May 2004 0409, somebody named Eric D. Hedekar inscribed 
this message:
> Hi, I'm completely new to linux and I'm trying to bring some sense of
> clarity to it all.  I want to run a dual boot system with OS9 and Linux
> on my Umax S900 (oldworld mac clone).  The main purpose of my work on
> the computer is audio applications however I may/will want to setup a
> network and/or computer farm that involves old and new world macs and PC
> machines.
> What I'm wondering is which distribution of Linux to install.  I realize
> that to each their own, but due to the overwhelming technical
> documentation and the lack of spare time that I have lying around I
> would like some help. Can someone point out the best reasons to go with
> say YellowDog, Mandrake, Gentoo, or Debian?  What are the faults of each
> of these?  I realize that pretty much everyone on this list will be
> running Debian and to tell the truth that's the one I'm favoring despite
> the seriously technical installation process, but could you please
> attempt to be unbiased if at all possible.  Or if you know of a site
> that compares Distros that is kept up to date that would be much
> apreciated as well.  Thanks.

I'm going to attempt to be as unbiased as I can, but that might be a little 
difficult because Debian is the only distro I've ever really used. :^)  

Two main reasons for that - I was originally going to install YDL here 
(powermac7600) but after lurking for a while on both the YellowDog lists 
and here on debian-powerpc I decided I like the environment better here.  
I don't exactly remember why, and it might not be accurate (anymore/if it 
ever was), but that's my recollection.  

The other reason was a comment by somebody somewhere (I think here, on 
another 'what's the best distro' thread) that debian may not be the 
easiest to install, but once you've got it going you know your system 
pretty well.  Which is true, but you will need some spare 
time. :^)  Having cut my (linux) teeth on debian, I can't say I'm sorry, 
but it did take a little bit.  Lurking on the lists for a few months 
before hand and having a general familiarity with the CLI probably helped, 

Oh yeah, and we can't forget the packaging system....after being used to 
apt/dpkg/synaptic, I seriously don't know if I could live very long with 
an .rpm based system.  (But then, not having used one, I don't really 
know.  If I had to manage dependencies manually, no sir.  If it's handled 
mostly automagically, like apt-get, then I probably could.) 

Hope my $0.02 helps. :^)

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are 
evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.  - Albert 

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