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Re: No display signal after installing Debian on PowerMac 8600

On (12/05/04 22:14), Lukas Foljanty wrote:
> >On (12/05/04 21:43), Lukas Foljanty wrote:
> >>Hi.
> >>
> >>I am a total newbie to Linux, so perhaps this is all stupid, but I 
> >>have
> >>a problem I cannot solve after installing the current build of Debian
> >>on my PowerMac 8600.
> >>
> >>Here it goes:
> >>I (successfully) installed the basic installation of Debian (CD
> >>distribution 1) for PowerMacs/PPC. I partitioned the hard drive,
> >>installed some modules and then finished the installation. When it 
> >>told
> >>me that the installation was finished I restarted my Mac.
> >>
> >>However, now I don't have a display signal! When booting of a split
> >>second, the display receives a signal, but then goes blank. I can hear
> >>the computer working and seemingly, it responds to keyboard inputs
> >>(from the sounds it makes), but since the screen is black, I don't 
> >>know
> >>what's it's doing.
> >>
> >>What's worse, I cannot boot in MacOS, either (neither booting from HD
> >>nor CD). So I am completely stuck here.
> >Hi Lukas
> >
> >It is likely that during the install you chose display settings that
> >aren't available ... unless, of course your monitor has died ;)
> >
> >Try Ctl+Alt+P+R whilst booting - that will reset your PRAM.  You should
> >then be able to boot into mac OS. Do you know what boot loader you are
> >using for Debian - quik, bootX or yaboot?
> >
> Hi Clive.
> Thanks a lot. That did the trick.
> I used BootX.
I've not used bootX but others may be able to point you in the right

> How to I select the display resolution (I didn't select anything while 
> installation...)?
> Thanks a lot!

No Problem - I'm glad it worked and your monitor wasn't fscked ;)

Incidentally, it is best if you post to the list rather than reply
directly so that other people can help if needed.  It also means that if
someone searches the archives they find the solution as well as the
problem ;)  It is also preferable to continue your post below mine so
that others can follow the thread.  Many people on debian lists use threaded
mail readers (like mutt) and it aids understanding ;)

I've not used bootX but I suspect you can reboot into the installer and
get a command shell.  Once in a command shell $ dmesg might give some
clues as to the problem.  It sounds as though you need to change your
monitor settings which I believe you can do through /usr/bin/base-config 

If it's any consolation, my first installation (on an old mac) took a
long time, a lot of trial and error and much searching the archives and
reading documentation.  However, over time you learn a lot and it
becomes easier.

Look in http://lists.debian.org/search.html under powerpc.

Good luck

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