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Re: Turning fan on in Pismo

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 02:45:53PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > It is the same problem on ibook2.2. So I developped the chip driver. If
> > > the chip is the same, you may try my module and set the fan starting
> > > temperature to a saner value. By default, it starts at 68°C on ibook...
> > If 68°C is the threshold, it would at least explain why it never runs
> > but it doesn't explain the casual segm faults under heavy load.
> Sure does - my Lombard gets quite unstable above 67 degrees (as reported
Missunderstanding. I ment, since it is not much more than 50 degrees
I do not expect it to become unstable, but maybe I'm wrong and 50
degrees is already to much for a Pismo or the TAU is very much off.

> by /proc/cpuinfo; the TAU isn't calibrated so the actual temperature might
> be a bit higher). The instability started after adding a second RAM
> module; it's more severe with 2.6 and the 1000 Hz scheduling timer there.
I added a second RAM module about 2 years ago and have been running
2.6 for about 3 month. The current problems are about as old as the
switch to 2.6. Replacing the RAM required to remove the head
pipe and to put it back on. Could it be that this has bad influence
on heat dissipation?

Anyway, if heat is the problem, is there any cure?


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