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Re: Battery life on an iBook rev 2.2

According to Adam Israel, on Sun, 09 May 2004 18:55:53 -0500, 
>I've got Debian sid installed on my iBook (G3, 800Mhz).
>Maybe I'm misunderstanding how power management works on the PowerPC,
>or maybe something is misconfigured.  It seems that the battery only
>lasts for about 2 hours.  I'll watch the battery drain to around 85%,
>and then it drops to 0%.

I don't understand what is occuring. Mine goes for about 3h30-4h00, with
low backlight. Maybe your battery is badly calibrated

Note also that USB devices consume a lot of energy, even when sleeping :
my ibook can't pass the night sleeping with an usb mouse, and stand 3 or
4 days without.

>I've tried using pmud and apmd, and both had the same behavior (though
>pmud actually suspends-on-close whereas apmd didn't).

You should not use apmd. The ibook chip is pmu.

>/proc/pmu/battery_0 looks like on full charge:
>flags		: 00000011
>charge		: 21768
>max_charge	: 21886
>current		: -1174
>voltage		: 11674
>time rem.	: 66750

This is odd also : mine looks like : 
flags      : 00000011
charge     : 4125
max_charge : 4147
current    : -1163
voltage    : 11947
time rem.  : 12768

>I've tried 2.4.x and 2.6.5.
>I do have cpu step-down working, so the speed drops to 400Mhz on
>I'm not sure what to check next.  Any ideas are appreciated.
>Adam Israel


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