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Battery life on an iBook rev 2.2

I've got Debian sid installed on my iBook (G3, 800Mhz).

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how power management works on the PowerPC, or
maybe something is misconfigured.  It seems that the battery only lasts
for about 2 hours.  I'll watch the battery drain to around 85%, and then
it drops to 0%.

I've tried using pmud and apmd, and both had the same behavior (though
pmud actually suspends-on-close whereas apmd didn't).

/proc/pmu/battery_0 looks like on full charge:
flags		: 00000011
charge		: 21768
max_charge	: 21886
current		: -1174
voltage		: 11674
time rem.	: 66750

I've tried 2.4.x and 2.6.5.

I do have cpu step-down working, so the speed drops to 400Mhz on

I'm not sure what to check next.  Any ideas are appreciated.


Adam Israel

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