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Debian on PowerBook G4

since jesterday I am trying to install debian on my powerbook g4 (the new 1 with 1.33GHz) so I have download the iso file from debian.org for powerpc and have burn it, but I just cannot boot from the CD.

I have find some tutorials online where it says I need to copy the root.bin, linux.bin, yaboot and yaboot.conf to my root directory and boot from the open firmaware as: boot hd:3,yaboot and this is working well, I boot the kernel and I can set everything fine till the part where I need to make a linux partition! There I got the message, that there is no harddrive attached on this computer.

I have also try in the console mac-fdisk -l and it shows me just the ramDrive and the cdrom.

I have 10Gigs free space on my harddrive wich I want to use for linux, but how can I make a patiton when he cannot find my harddrive?!

so what can I do now?


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