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Re: Debian on PowerBook G4

I have try 2 different kernel files and in each of them (in the readme file) says that it has an ata100 support. and my image file for the CD if the current debian version r.02 from debian.org and I am sure it has ata100 support.

but if u can find out where u got this image, I really like to try it.......btw. is it possible that the new g4 powerbook has something different inside? I have check my documentation and it says the I got a ata100 drive inside....but as u can see....linux dont get it :/


On 10.05.2004, at 11:05, Timo Reimerdes wrote:

On Mo, 2004-05-10 at 09:22 +0200, Gilly Bates wrote:
since jesterday I am trying to install debian on my powerbook g4 (the
new 1 with 1.33GHz)
so I have download the iso file from debian.org for powerpc and have
burn it, but I just cannot boot from the CD.

I have find some tutorials online where it says I need to copy the
root.bin, linux.bin, yaboot and yaboot.conf to my root directory and
boot from the open firmaware as: boot hd:3,yaboot    and this is
working well, I boot the kernel and I can set everything fine till the
part where I need to make a linux partition! There I got the message,
that there is no harddrive attached on this computer.

You need to get an install cd with ATA-100 support in the kernel

I had the same problem and now it works fine

Only problem: since this is the radeon 9600 I have suspend and dri wont
work. :(

I dont recall where I got that boot-cd from, but I found one. If I find
it again I'll post the link here.

I have also try in the console mac-fdisk -l and it shows me just the
ramDrive and the cdrom.

I have 10Gigs free space on my harddrive wich I want to use for linux,
but how can I make a patiton when he cannot find my harddrive?!

so what can I do now?


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