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Re: debian boot CDs & G5


Colin Watson writes:

> Is the -g5 kernel at least compatible with the -power4 modules? (On
> the face of it, it seems that it should be,

> with the exception of the extra serial modules on -g5

Those are gone in 2.6.5-2 ...

> which presumably we don't want to use anyway.

... for precisely this reason.

> In that case, we could save a fair bit of space by shipping both
> kernels but only one set of modules, and somehow educating d-i about
> this.

This would add considerable obfuscation at several points.  The build
process is now designed such that flavours can be added and removed
with minimum fuss.  The resulting packages each provide a working
kernel and modules without further ado.  The d-i can simply offer a
selection of them.

In order to really save space, one should probably turn upon the SMP
flavours.  Unfortunately, I don't have a single processor G5 here, but
I ran some casual tests on a single processor G4 yesterday, and the
overhead from running an SMP kernel did not affect performance
noticeably.  Maybe we should use SMP kernels for d-i as a general
rule, and move the single processor flavours to the second disc.

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
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