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neverball and ibook heating

Hi all,

	I just gave a try to the neverball game (newly released in testing).
This opengl game works very well and very smooth on my ibook2.2 (G3 800,
ati radeon 7500). 

However I want to point out that this game makes the ibook
temperature raise very fast (5 to 10 degrees more in two minutes).
So with default thermal management CPU/GPU may raise to 70 degrees
Celcius before the fan starts... Beware... 

Furthermore, using the adm103x(1) module,  even with the poor little
ibook fan at full speed, it is not easy to stabilize the temperature
below 55C.

As a side effect, the game may be an interesting test for people working
on thermal control...

(1) http://cedric.pradalier.free.fr/ibook2/index.html


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