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Re: Debian-PPC on a Powerbook 3400

On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 13:00, Zach Weinberg wrote:
> I installed Debian PPC on my Powerbook 3400 without any problems. I used
> the XF86Config-4 from <a
> href="http://www.rockhopper.dk/linux/configs/XF86Config-4.3.laptop";>here</a> 
> and X is working fine, except for when I run XTerm, all the text appears
> to be backwards. RXVT, aterm and eterm all function fine. Also, elinks,
> while run in an X terminal exhibits the same behavior and when a letter
> is seleected vim (also running in an X terminal)the same thing happens.

I noticed the problem on Paul's 3400 here as well. I didn't have time
to investigate, I suppose it's a simple endian bug in the X driver for
the CT65536 chipset. You should report that to the XFree or X.org mailing
lists and/or the driver maintainer (I don't know who it is ;), it may help.

If nothing happens, I can try to fix that in X but I really don't have
much time for the upcoming couple of monthes at least.


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