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Re: My random biarch opinion / request for G5 account

> 	Having said that, I can run old x86 linux binaries just fine: to do so, 
> I need x86 linux libraries (e.g. GTK, X11 etc) as well. I guess my 
> opinion, then, is that I'd be happy to see debian-powerpc adopt a 
> similar approach: support the running of (old) 32-bit powerpc linux 
> binaries by having a seperate set of "every day" libraries which live in 
> /legacy (take a look at the debian ia64 package "ia32-libs" to see what 
> I mean) but completely deprecate 32-bit everywhere else: no 32 bit tools 
> or static libraries, etc. Move cleanly to 64-bit and stay there.

I tend to think we should start by simply building the biarch toolchain
(gcc and glibc's). That done means we have a starting point with
existing packages. The full 32 bits distro can be installed out of the
box and we can start building 64 bits packages. Once we are confident
enough in our 64 bits toolchain & core packages, we can "fork" and
create a full ppc64 arch where the 32 bits packages become the "option".

That said, I don't have time to do any of this and I'm not a debian
developper anyway ;)

> P.S. Does anyone have a Debian G5 system that they'd be willing to give 
> me an ssh account on for a few minutes? (for benchmarking purposes, and 
> literally only a few minutes). If you could get back to me via email, 
> I'd appreciate it. I could also send the benchmarks - they're very 
> easily compiled and run.

I can't put it online but I can run your benchmark on a dual 2Ghz next
week, in both 32 and 64 bits.


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