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Re: Debian-PPC on a Powerbook 3400

dylan wrote:

here are some notes on how i did it:


there is a link to the 3-button re-mapping (via F11 and F12), as well as
some other stuff- even my X config file for a PB1400


on 04.5.6 8:27 PM, Zach Weinberg at exark@gutreflex.com was reported to have

Zach Weinberg wrote:

I installed Debian PPC on my Powerbook 3400 without any problems. I used
the XF86Config-4 from <a

and X is working fine, except for when I run XTerm, all the text appears
to be backwards. RXVT, aterm and eterm all function fine. Also, elinks,
while run in an X terminal exhibits the same behavior and when a letter
is seleected vim (also running in an X terminal)the same thing happens.

Also, if anyone could help me map the right click button (preferrably
without recompiling kernels) that would be great.


Zach Weinberg

Sorry about the link...here's a good copy:


Zach Weinberg

Alright, here's how things went today. After installing pbbuttonsd, xtemr worked perfectly (I have no clue why). Unfortunately, I am still having problems with the right clicking. When I use showkey (as per Dylan's site) it will only tell me the mappings of letters, not of option, or any of the F1, F2, etc keys. Does anyone have a keymapping for a Powerbook 3400 or has anyone successfully set this up on a Powerbook 3400?

Zach Weinberg

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