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Re: ibook G4 questions

On Sun, 02 May 2004 18:58:15 -0400, 
Scott Henson gracefully wrote:
>I have an ibook G4 and Ive been happily using debian-ppc since I got
>it, but there are two nagging issues that I would like to ask this list
>about.  The first is how do I get the caps lock key to turn into a
>control key on a 2.6 kernel? I have goolgled for this extensively and I
>can't seem to find anything useful.  I have the NOCAPS thing in my
>XF86Config-4 file, but still no control, the caps key has no effect.
>>From what I can tell this is an ADB problem that the keyboard sends
>different key codes when the key is pressed and released.  Is there any
>way to get the kernel to send the same keycode both time? Or a way to
>get the capslock key to send control that I have yet to come across.  


I have the same situation on my G3. With xev, pressing the capslock send
Press AND Release event (keycode 66), and releasing it also send Press
AND Release. The key associated with this is Ctrl_L. 

True Ctrl-L keycode is 37.

Nevertheless, it is not really a problem for me since I usually use
xmodmap to move capslock to a place where I don't press on it


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