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Re: iBook G4 swsusp status

Reply to the mail from Arne Caspari (arnem@informatik.uni-bremen.de):

> Have you build "usb" support as a module? If so, remove "ohci_hcd" before suspending. 
> My .config and a lsmod is attached but this is _not_ the lsmod while suspending, since 
> I remove "therm_adt746x" and "ohci_hcd" just before I suspend!

I have tested somewhat further and found: You should also remove the ieee1394 modules since 
they will freeze the whole system if they are accessed after the resume.


rmmod video1394 raw1394 eth1394 ohci1394 ieee1394

and while at it, since I can not currently test the USB support, maybe you should also remove the ehci_hcd module.


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