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Re: iBook r128 hardware acceleration.

You are completely correct. I just rebooted into YDL and using the same resolution, bit depth, window manager, etc. I get around 400 fps. No idea what I was thinking.

On 29/04/2004, at 8:51 PM, Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 08:11, Greg Hamilton wrote:

Anyway, so that's all working a treat now. However, when I run the
glxgears demo the frame rate is about half what I get running the same
demo on the same machine under Yellow Dog Linux, which I have installed
on separate partition. About 400fps vs. 800fps on YDL. Same resolution
and pixel depth. Not really very important but odd.

I've never seen a Rage128 do more than 500-600 fps, even on x86, so
please double-check the YDL value.

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