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Re: 2nd and 3rd mouse key with modifiers, vol+bright with fn

Hi Colin,
On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 04:39:39PM +0200, Colin LEROY wrote:
> Could you try latest version ? (0.12, still at
> http://geekounet.org/powerbook/files/mouseemu.tar.gz). It should fix it -
> I didn't test it as I'm not in front of my laptop, but it compiles and the
> logic is simple enough so I think i didn't mess it up :-)
I noticed one more issue, which doesn't seem to be easily reproducible.
Sometimes the mouse clicking suddenly stops to work (i.e. it doesn't
cause any actions) but when I switch to another desktop via keyboard and
then back I can click again (but for exactly one click only), it stops
working immediately again. I'll have to change desktops for every click
from then on. This only seem to happen when I used at list right-click
emulation once (which in my case is KP_ENTER + left click).

MID_CLICK="-middle 125 272"       # Opt key (right of space) + Click
RIGHT_CLICK="-right 96 272"       # Enter (right of opt key) + Click

I tried xfce and kde, both show the same behaviour. Any ideas? I'll try
to get some xev output nex time this happens.
 -- Guido

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