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Re: pbbuttonsd script interface - future?

> > > Debian packages put their scripts under /etc/apm at the moment. Not the
> > > best choice, /etc/power would be better, a move over would need
> > > coordination of the apmd and acpid maintainers I guess.
> >
> > Right. While we're waiting for hell to freeze over, I could add your hack
> > to pwrctl - it looks quite robust, and should rather go in pwrctl to run
> > maintainer supplied power scripts by default, and leave pwrctl-local for
> > manual customization.
> Beacuse I don't want to wait until the apmd and acid maintainers agree to
> our suggestions, I prepared a sollution that could fit all needs. Maybe we
> could establish this system (which is not very far from all other existing
> script systems) first for ppc and afterwards convince the whole comunity!?

I'll give it a look, but that'll take a while. And I'll definitely
implement something like what Guido sent me first anyway. Thanks for your


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