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Re: Mozilla problem ?

Hi again

I went a bit on the Internet to find the solution to my Mozilla problem (it works for Firefox too) : I just needed to go in the Preferences, Advanced, Keyboard Navigation, and to turn off the "Find as you type" option. However, my main problem with Gnome is still there : each time I doucle-click on the home directory, or that I ask for it in the menu, Gnome freezes, I cannot even reach the log out submenu, and the only solution that I have is to launch the command "reboot" from a terminal. Maybe I have removed an important file, but the only files I rememeber suppressing are the aliases to my home directory that were in the Desktop...

Le 19 avr. 04, à 19:04, qdecavel a écrit :


I have Mozilla 1.5.3 running with Gnome 2.4 on a Linux kernel 2.4.25. While the clicking doesn't show any problem, as soon as I try to type a URL, Mozilla freezes and doesn't want to quit unless I force it. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but the problem remains, and with Firefox too. I have just installed gaim with apt-get with its dependencies, and the problem didn't occur before, but I don't see why gaim could block Mozilla to that extent. Does anybody have an idea ?

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: I have rebuild the kernel yesterday, suppressing the video supports that I didn't need (Nvidia, ATI Rage...), and only keeping ATI Radeon support for my iBook G3 700MHz. Could that be the reason ?

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