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Re: swsusp/pmdisk status on ppc?

At 19:17 Uhr +0200 19.04.2004, Christian Jaeger wrote:
- another time, suspension worked but it took a long time in the "waiting phase" between writing processes to disk and writing the rest to disk (as far as I understand that). It took about a minute just waiting iirc. Then it finished. Resume first seemed to work, but then it will (just before switching the console to the old state) just sit there and do nothing. After about 3 minutes I gave up and did reset the machine.

I have two hypotheses for that:

1.) IIRC the kernel (pmdisk) said something about 50'000+ blocks or pages being written to disk (usually it's just 10'000+). If this number is about pages (4kb, right?), this would be about 200MB, which nears the swap limit (I'm not sure if this run was with the 2nd swap already prioritized higher). So.. what's the symptom of swap collisions?

2.) is pmdisk ~high memory clean? I have 512MB of RAM here, IIRC I had to enable some kernel option for this (but CONFIG_HIGHMEM is not set; dunno remember which it was, would have to look deeper).


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