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Re: Sleep or Gnome Volume bug?

On Sat, 2004-04-17 at 19:37, Brady Jarvis wrote:
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> I am thinking this is a Gnome bug, since everything was fine until a few
> days ago when I did an apt-get upgrade.
> I am running Debian Unstable with kernel 2.6.5 from kernel.org on my
> TiBook IV.  I also have gnome-applets Version: 2.4.2-5
> When resuming from sleep, I get this question dialog box:
> "The Volume Control applet appears to have died unexpectedly
> Reload this applet?"
> I click yes and the applet reloads fine.

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I'm not sure whether this will help:

AFAIK the Volume Control applet is, at least here, connected to
/dev/mixer ... so if /dev/mixer is stopped, you'll probably have the
dialog box you've mentioned.

It should be possible to verify this with a simple
 fuser -v /dev/mixer
(The Volume Control applet has to be working to verify it)
If you then see something like that:

                          USER                 PID    ACCESS    COMMAND
/dev/mixer         <username>       1283   f....              mixer_applet2

and then stop the process that is connected to /dev/mixer with a 

kill <PID>

you'll probably see the Applet's Dialog window you've previously
At least this is happening here, on
Titanium IV, unstable, Gnome, and 2.4.24-ben1

So perhaps something goes wrong with /dev/mixer
when resuming the machine from sleep.
If this is true: I definitely don't know how to handle this situation,
but at least you'd know what the problem is then.
And Good Luck.

Best Regards
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