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Re: Sleep or Gnome Volume bug?

Michel Dänzer wrote:
On Sat, 2004-04-17 at 21:14, Brady Jarvis wrote:

I have been running the 2.6.5 kernel since April 4th with no problems.
It was literally a few days ago that this problem started to manifest
itself.  It must be something else that started this problem.  ALSA
maybe?  I should really watch more closely what packages are upgraded...

I can think of this being related to:

      * hotplug/udev/hal/...
      * alsa-base power management configuration

Well, alsa-base was upgraded to 1.0.4-1 on 04-13-2004. The previous version was from 03-05-2004 and was version 1.0.3-1.

It seems likely that this package might be responsible given the timeframe. I could try downgrading that package to the testing version and see if that helps.

Although I have no idea how I can figure this out, I am going to attempt
to find out which packages have been upgraded in the last few days.  If
anyone has any suggestions on how I could go about doing this i would be
eternally grateful.

aptitude logs everything in /var/log/aptitude.

Unfortunately, I did not have apttitude installed, but now I do! :)

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