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Re: 2.6.4 and iBook not text on framebuffer

> Now, I see one Welcome line from Linux kernel, some debug information
> and nothing more.  Should I put the radeonfb in kernel instead of module?
> Should I use CONFIG_FB_OF=m and CONFIG_FB_RADEON=y?
> This is the relevant lines of my config:

Yes, radeonfb won't take the initial console if a module. You can just
build both offb and radeonfb, the kernel will pick the right one. I
don't know why you are playing funny tricks with the config and the
command line. A pmac_defconfig and no special command line argument
should default just fine on this machine. The only problem with
the pmac_defconfig is that I may have forgotten to remove
CONFIG_MAC_SERIAL which is obsolete and won't build.


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