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Re: 2.6.4 and iBook not text on framebuffer

On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 07:41, Jose Manuel dos Santos Calhariz wrote:
> I have an iBook with a CPU 750FX at 700MHz and a Radeon M6.  When I
> try to run a kernel 2.6.x I don't get any text on the console.  It can
> sleep and resume without problems, even with X11 running.  Have anyone
> success runing 2.6x kernel and have text on the framebuffer?  I don't
> have any problems with stock Debian kernel 2.4.25-powerpc-pmac.
> I have tried many options to config the kernel to get the framebuffer
> running with 2.6.x.

Two thinsg: One is, make sure you have CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE,
the other is your command line is meaningless. Either use video=ofonly
_OR_ video=radeonfb, not both :) (Though it seems the kernel just
ignored the ofonly part in this case)


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