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Re: PCMCIA-CS 3.2.7

I am having trouble getting my aironet 350 PCMCIA card working with pcmcia-cs 3.2.7 and kernel 2.6.1-benh1 on my Powerbook 15" AL 1.25ghz. I compiled support for nubus support as modules (ds and yenta_socket); compiled support for airo and airo_cs modules.

When I boot, pcmcia recognizes the card and attempts to load the drivers. Than, I get an error message that pcmcia-cs can not get info on the card an that the service is unavailable.

Anyone able to get this Aironet 350 card working with the new powerbooks?


Did you have any luck getting this set up? I have had partial success, but if the card is in the system when I attempt a shutdown, the system hangs.

Barry C. Hawkins
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