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Re: Problems with install on Power Mac G3 minitower

Brad Boyer wrote:
On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 08:15:20PM -0500, Ron Murray wrote:

When I press cmd-opt-o-f (should I do this with power off and turn the box on while holding them down, or can I do it a bit later? If so, how long do you get to do it?), I get the same sequence as that above. It may, of course, be trying to display the OF console on the primary adapter, but I have no way of telling. How do I set OF's input and output devices?

The timing differs a little on every revision of the firmware. I
needed to be holding it down before the chime on my 7600 to get
into OF reliably, but some newer ones seem to look for the keys
just after the chime.

There is a MacOS program to change the OF settings available here:


This is most likely the easiest way. If you can get Linux running,
you can use nvsetenv. If you have OSX, it comes with nvram, which
is equivalent to nvsetenv. The other way would be inside OF, which
would be tough considering your problem is getting into it.

The input-device should already be "kbd", which was an alias to
the ADB keyboard driver on older models. The output-device is
probably set to "screen", or perhaps a direct path to the internal
video. You'll need to set it to the OF path of your PCI video card.
The Linux kernel gives you a copy of the full OF tree in /proc if
you have the options for it setup.

	Brad Boyer

Hmmm. I've set the output device to the PCI display with BootVars, but I still don't see anything. (I think the machine comes up a bit faster now, but I could be imagining things). I still can't get into OF: there's a pause, then it comes up into MacOS. Is there a trick to this or something?

One possibility is that we don't have a real Mac keyboard here, although the two we have are designed for use with a Mac. and the power key, option and command keys work for everything else.

Is there any point trying to redirect OF to a serial port? If so, what's the OF path for the serial ports?

Sigh. Thanks for your help.


Ron Murray   (rjmx@rjmx.net)
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