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Re: Problems with install on Power Mac G3 minitower

On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 08:09:03PM -0500, Ron Murray wrote:
>    Hmmm. I've set the output device to the PCI display with BootVars, 
> but I still don't see anything. (I think the machine comes up a bit 
> faster now, but I could be imagining things). I still can't get into OF: 
> there's a pause, then it comes up into MacOS. Is there a trick to this 
> or something?

It's possible that the video card doesn't like OF. The internal
video in the 7200 was like that.

>    One possibility is that we don't have a real Mac keyboard here, 
> although the two we have are designed for use with a Mac. and the power 
> key, option and command keys work for everything else.

Any ADB keyboard should work.

>    Is there any point trying to redirect OF to a serial port? If so, 
> what's the OF path for the serial ports?

The serial is likely to be more reliable. It's normally ttya and ttyb
for the two ports. The ttya is usually the modem port. You might want
to take a look at some of the documentation.


	Brad Boyer

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