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Re: G5 report problematic succes

Sven Luther a écrit :
On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 04:50:33PM +0200, Eric Deveaud wrote:


today was quite work free, please don't repeat it to my boss ;-)
I started playing seriously with the G5

booting the k-mib-ppc-beta-pre-10, in single mode and isntalling debian
thru debootstrap was quite simple.

Notice that normally, you should have been able to use the
debian-installer for installing debian.

Of course it's the better way. does the parted d-i includes hfs+ resize patch?

My personnal plan is to include debian-installer in the knoppix-like iso, to use at least in net installation. i don't like scripts like knoppix-hdinstall. I am not sure what to do if netinstall in not possible. Maybe use dpkg-repack after d-i.

Anyway the knoppix-like iso is not ready. There is work to do with.



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