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G5 report problematic succes


today was quite work free, please don't repeat it to my boss ;-)
I started playing seriously with the G5

booting the k-mib-ppc-beta-pre-10, in single mode and isntalling debian
thru debootstrap was quite simple.

just to note that debootstraps hangs (at least the one located on the
k-mib pre10) while trying to use libacl and libattr
fetching those libs from any debian mirror, and using dpkg to install
the 2 fautives, solved the problem.

yaboot setting was a little bit tricky until I realize that the guilty
was df output .
yabootconfig fail while trying to get the KERNDEV, KERNDIR, LINKDIR and

playing with bash man page, allow to understand the echo command
and to correct manualy the problem.

Et tes réflexions virtuelles ne t'ont pas amenées à penser que peut être
l'erreur pouvait eventuellement (...), mélé à une conjonction d'Alpha du
Centaure et du moulin à café de ma grand-mère que TU t'y prenais mal ?
JF in Guide du Macounet Pervers : Ne pas jeter le manche après la cognée

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