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Re: Strange modem prob on pismo, redux

The Pismo is well known for some modem laziness. It takes between 3 and
5 seconds to initialise it with the default init string. I changed my
init string to:
and now it connects straight away every time.

That could be your problem.


On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 09:11, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > If someone could give me an idea how to proceed, I will be most
> > grateful. Either some explanation of how the modem connection process
> > could differ under linux and MacOS, or some advice for how to debug
> > what is happening without a working modem speaker.
> For one, check if your init string is correct. It's also possible
> that MacOS d/l an upgraded firmware to the modem (check the version
> strings with ATI0, ATI1, etc...
> I suppose you have extracted the proper modem init string from
> MacOS connect script too ?
> The modem is just HW on a serial port, nothing special, except if
> the new pmac_zilog driver in 2.6 has a problem...
> Ben.

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