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Strange modem prob on pismo, redux

Hi all,

I wrote in a month back about not being able to connect to my Indian
ISP under Linux. I have a Pismo, and I can connect under MacOS, but
under linux I simply get chat timeout alarm and 'pon' fails.

When I changed to my new house my modem couldn't recognize the phone
dialtone, so I disabled dial tone checking. Under MacOS this is good
enough to create a connection. But under Linux I do not get a
connection using 'pon'. Because the modem speaker on the pismo doesn't
work, it's dificult for me to debug the problem.

If someone could give me an idea how to proceed, I will be most
grateful. Either some explanation of how the modem connection process
could differ under linux and MacOS, or some advice for how to debug
what is happening without a working modem speaker.

Thanks in advance,

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