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Re: pbbuttonsd 0.5.9-2 unofficial package

On 2004-03-26 03:46:06 +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Well, this is not related to packaging, but still I think that
> critically low is when the battery level drops below BWL_last value
> of the config file, by default it's 3.

Isn't it too low, considering that the remaining time given by the
battery is far from being accurate?

> > Another problem: I can no longer set the LCD brightness to the lowest
> > level with F1.
> This is because I've changed the previous default value of the config
> file from "KBDMode = fkeyslast" to "fkeysfirst". This mean that hitting
> F1 will have the usual (i.e. non powerbook) F1 semantic, while to
> decrease the brightness you have to use Fn+F1. Same applies for all
> function keys.

Yes, I meant Fn+F1 (this is what I was using even before). I was
speaking of another problem. Anyway, I solved it, as it was mentioned
under the subject with "gtkpbbuttons".

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