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Re: Install DebianPowerPc in my Ibook

On (19/03/04 13:45), Pol Hallen wrote:
> > /dev/hda is your hard drive.
> Yes, but in debian powerpc in /dev/hda are a dvdrom
> in which mode I resolve a problem?
Ah! Apologies - I misunderstood.  I don't have a powerbook, so I'm not
sure what the answer to this is. However, if /dev/hda is your DVD/CDROM,
there must be another drive which is your hard disk .....hdb or hdc

I'm a little out of my depth here and someone else may be able to point
you in the right direction.  How do you know that /dev/hda is a dvdrom?

> > When you get to the install screen you 
> > need to format the hard drive (or at least the spare space not utilised
> > by MacOS).
> I format in which filesystem?
> Very thanks :-)
Not sure I've helped much ;)



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