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Re: Fan control on ibook2

Hi all,

the patch is available at

By default, it does not change anything to the chip status and only
provide an access to the adm103x chip. So it can be used just to see
what are the default values on your system.

please report any feedback.

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 21:19:44 +0100, 
Cedric Pradalier gracefully wrote:
>	I've done my adm103x module. Thanks a lot to Colin and Frank. Without
>them it would have been much longer. I first tried to integrate the
>driver in the adt7....c module, according to Colin's patches. But I
>believe the two chips behaviour does not fit well in a common module. 
>On the ibook, the fan must be activated very sparsely, and the adm chip
>as an integrated behavior (histeresis, fan motor kickoff, and
>proportional control which is really sufficient). The only thing to
>parameterize is at which temperature the fan starts and the slope of
>the proportional control. 
>So, on the contrary of adt module, I didn't daemonized the module, but
>I only provide a sysfs interface to look at measured temperatures and
>current parameters, and also to set them.
>For instance : 
>#cat /sys/device/temperature/info? 
>T:51°C S:56°C R:10°C
>T:48°C S:76°C R:10°C
>#echo "56 10" > /sys/device/temperature/info0 
>make the fan starts at 56 degrees and accelerate progressively till max
>at 66 degrees (56 + 10), on the sensor 0. After boot, my ibook is
>parameterized at 72 degrees and a slope of 5 !
>I don't think manual control of the fan speed is needed, and anyway,
>the motor torque seems not sufficient to have any reactivity in some
>PID controller.

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