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Re: Fan control on ibook2


>First it sets a very high load on the CPU. I wonder if the task is
>correctly scheduled. I'll have a look at that. It's as if the task
>monitoring task was running without yielding the processor...

No, it just seems to :) You have a 1.0 load average, that's it ? this is
due to TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE, which is needed according to Benjamin;
however this doesn't eat the cpu power :)

>Second, when rmmoding the module, it sets thermal limits to such a
>low value (44), that fan becomes crazy, running at full speed.
>(Measured temps are 53 and 56 °C).

Interesting, maybe you can strip the bits about changing default limits on
ADM*. I put these because on ADT*, the limits are quite high by default.

>Third, when starting I got the following message in syslog. The
>lowering max temp from 44 to 50 is funny !

That's related :)

>Before I RTFM, I am not sure of the meaning of thermal limits : is it
>the temperature at which fan are started ?

Did you look at the values in /sys/devices/temperatures ? Do they look
right ?


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