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Re: Triple booting OS 9,X Debian

dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
Ok, I've tried this once before and wound up with a mess, but does someone know how to get this configuration working. I have OS9 installed from my Titanium software restore disk onto a Panther OS X (They are on the same partition, because the OS9 installer said I needed OS X installed on the HD I put OS 9 onto). I have tried to change the startup from OSX, and it couldn't seem to find the OS 9 system folder. When I try to edit yaboot.conf to do this, with macos=/dev/hda12 (Again, same partition as OSX), it boots into OSX. If I hold down option on startup, I only have the options of booting linux or OS X, I know I definitely used to be able to boot into OSX or 9, so how do I get this working again. Anyone?

This will _not_ work the way you're trying to do it. Only one System folder (either OS 9's or OS X's) can be blessed on one partition at a time. If you try to boot OS 9.x when the OS X system folder is blessed, or OS X while the OS 9 system folder is blessed, you'll probably end up with the system hanging after it loads BootX (for OS X) or the MacOS Toolbox ROM image (for OS 9). If you can separate the partitions, you can triple boot (I've done it before, on a G3 tower and an older round iBook). However, having OS 9 and OS X on a single partition _will not_ work without booting into whichever is blessed and using the Startup Disk control panel to bless the appropriate system folder.

Derrik Pates

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