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Re: Triple booting OS 9,X Debian


On 03/03/2004, at 12:12 PM, dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:

Ok, I've tried this once before and wound up with a mess, but does someone know how to get this configuration working. I have OS9 installed from my Titanium software restore disk onto a Panther OS X (They are on the same


seem to find the OS 9 system folder. When I try to edit yaboot.conf to do this, with macos=/dev/hda12 (Again, same partition as OSX), it boots into OSX.


The macos= option used to work for me on my Titanium Powerbook G4/500. It no longer works on my Aluminum Powerbook G4/1.25, and even though Classic works and is installed, I don't see OS9 listed at all if I go to System Preferences->Startup in OS X.

I'm guessing it's because these newer machines lack the support to actually boot OS9; I remember a whole huge issue with clients (Graphic Designers, still predominately use OS9) around 6 months ago ordering some new G4 desktop machines and they didn't have the BIOS support for OS9 or something, so we had to order some older machines as replacements.

You said you installed from a TiBook software restore disk, but you didn't say what you installed it to. If it's a newer machine, I suspect this may be your problem.

If it is possible to boot OS9 on these machines, let me know - I haven't looked into it very far personally.



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