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Triple booting OS 9,X Debian

Ok, I've tried this once before and wound up with a mess, but does someone 
know how to get this configuration working. I have OS9 installed from my 
Titanium software restore disk onto a Panther OS X (They are on the same 
partition, because the OS9 installer said I needed OS X installed on the HD I 
put OS 9 onto). I have tried to change the startup from OSX, and it couldn't 
seem to find the OS 9 system folder. When I try to edit yaboot.conf to do 
this, with macos=/dev/hda12 (Again, same partition as OSX), it boots into OSX. 
If I hold down option on startup, I only have the options of booting linux or 
OS X, I know I definitely used to be able to boot into OSX or 9, so how do I 
get this working again. Anyone?


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