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Re: 2.4.25-1 debian kernel available based on -ben1 tree, G5 tester wanted.

Sven Luther declared on Saturday 06 March 2004 03:58 am:
> And also at :
>   http://people.debian.org/~luther/power3/2.4.25-2
> which contain unpacked kernels from the -power3 config.
> Known problems are :
>   pcnet ethernet driver is modular. Most power3 boxes seem to use
> this one.

One more problem.. no himem support.  It only uses 512MB of the 2048MB 
Installed on the POWER3 SP node I've got it booted on.

What kernel version, and gcc toolchain did you use for this?  I'm not 
sure if it's a gcc or kernel source trouble, but when I try compiling 
the "2.4.24 with debian patches" I apt-get source'd with gcc-3.3 and 
-3.2 in testing, I get some 'unknown opcode' errors, which either are 
asm in the kernel files that is wrong, or gcc problems.

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