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2.4.25-1 debian kernel available based on -ben1 tree, G5 tester wanted.


I have just uploaded the 2.5.25-1 kernel, and as it is NEW, made it
available at : 


I plan to make this one the default kernel for d-i as soon as it escapes
the NEW queue.

Particularities include : 

  o -power4 config, which should run on power4 and G5 boxes. I obviously
  don't have such hardware, and would like for people having it to test
  this, in order to fine tune the config file in the future. I have only
  built the SMP version right now, but once the fine tuning is over, i
  will probably do a UP version too.

  o support for B50 IBM boxes in the -powerpc and -powerpc-smp configs.

  o based on the 2.4 -benh tree. 

I also would need someone with with compact-flash (in a digital camera
or something) to test it with this kernel, as the -benh tree and the
debian tree contained uncompatible patches here. If the solution i
choose doesn't work, i would need to fix it, but without tester ...

So, please use and enjoy.

Now that this is out of the box, i will try to build 2.6 based kernels,
altough it would still be nice to test the above kernels on G5 hardware,
since it seems that d-i is not yet ready for 2.6 kernels.


Sven Luther

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