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Re: iMac things

> > Same as my Powerbook. The monitor power button isn't expected to produce a
> > keycode, I think.
> >
> > Did you get both key down and key up events??
> Yes, both.

OK; so my Powerbook is on the weird side here. I get the keydown only
(plus autorepeat ad infinitum).

> > > How would I go about trapping that? It would be nice to have both
> > > working so the lusers aren't forced to think, but one's better than
> > > nothing.
> >
> > Same way as pbbuttonsd traps other special keys. In a pbbuttonsd.conf
> > sent to me for checking pmud related weirdness, I see
> >
> > SleepKey                = 116
> > SleepKeyDelay           = 0     ; values > 0 may be dangerous, if the power key is used to trigger sleep
> >
> > so pbbuttonsd does already watch this key but uses it for sleep request,
> > not shutdown.
> I note Woody doesn't have pbbuttonsd. Worth trying to backport it, or
> is trying to get this thing running Woody just a bad idea?

I don't see why backporting wouldn't work (actually this might be due to
real old kernel versions in woody that may lack input event support, but
who in any sane state of mind would use ancient kernels on PowerPC?). OTOH
running Debian testing might be less hassle :-)

Either way you may have to spend some work on pbbuttonsd to make it shut
down on keypress.


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