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Re: iMac things

On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 05:32, Iain Georgeson wrote:

> I get something, although I'm not sure about "relevant". It prints @s
> and linefeeds.

The messages are in binary format, you can't just read them with
a shell script or whatever.

> > Wake-On-Lan is possible with the proper support in the sungem
> > driver, but that's for sleep mode, and I didn't implement support
> > for sleep mode on those machines at this point. Actually, it may
> > work though :)
> So there's no chance of WOL from off?

I don't think so, but I may be wrong.

> > > Does this thing support DRI and GL? (I don't understand DRI much at
> > > the best of times). The display controller is an ATI Technologies Inc
> > > Rage 128 RL according to lspci.
> Any ideas on this one?

DRI should work.

> > > The biggie: OpenOffice. I can't find a ppc woody backport anywhere. Is
> > > there one?
> > You really want testing or woody :)
> Did YM "testing or unstable"? ;)

Yes, testing or unstable, sorry. 


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