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Re: Serial and ALSA Problems in vanilla 2.6.3 (Powermac 8500-AWACS)

> Problem No2
> In kernel config, i read that there was a new driver for that Zilog 
> serial chip , called pmac_zilog now , i've compiled it as a module , 
> when i add it to kernel , it detects the 2 serial ports (with MMIOs 
> different of Old ("Obsolete") driver) and OK , when i try to use 
> anything that uses the serial port (my modem), it simply freezes my box, 
> and the Send Data and Receive Data of the modem go up permanently (only 
> lefting me with reboot as a choice), to use serial , i'm still having to 
> use the obsolete macserial ;////
> someone have some advice?

Hrm... I've had no problems with pmac_zilog on the 8500 last time I
checked. I'll try it again.


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