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Serial and ALSA Problems in vanilla 2.6.3 (Powermac 8500-AWACS)

Hi folks, i've just compiled vanilla 2.6.3 (from www.kernel.org) for my pmac8500 604e 200mhz

All went fine, except for planb (can't compile)....

in ALSA, a strange issue is happening with XMMS, when i use the ALSA Output, sound is being played in double speed (i can see the timer counting the seconds double speed too).... when i use ogg123 (in ALSA output) in command line, all is perfect and the sound is in correct speed....

XMMS is only playing music correctly via OSS Output (via OSS Emulation Layer ;-//)

This ever happened with someone?

Problem No2
In kernel config, i read that there was a new driver for that Zilog serial chip , called pmac_zilog now , i've compiled it as a module , when i add it to kernel , it detects the 2 serial ports (with MMIOs different of Old ("Obsolete") driver) and OK , when i try to use anything that uses the serial port (my modem), it simply freezes my box, and the Send Data and Receive Data of the modem go up permanently (only lefting me with reboot as a choice), to use serial , i'm still having to use the obsolete macserial ;////

someone have some advice?

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