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Re: Serial and ALSA Problems in vanilla 2.6.3 (Powermac 8500-AWACS)

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 23:20, Carlos Eduardo Coelho Baptista wrote:
> in ALSA, a strange issue is happening with XMMS,  when i use the ALSA 
> Output, sound is being played in double speed (i can see the timer 
> counting the seconds double speed too).... when i use ogg123 (in ALSA 
> output) in command line, all is perfect and the sound is in correct 
> speed....
> XMMS is only playing music correctly via OSS Output (via OSS Emulation 
> Layer ;-//)

XMMS is known to be broken, in particular its ALSA plugin.

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