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Re: Status of debian-installer on PPC64

* Anton Blanchard <anton@samba.org> [2004-03-03 23:21]:
> > Also, are you generally interested in helping with our PPC64 port?  As
> > I see it, this needs to be done to get the PPC64 port started:
> Sure Im willing to help.
> >  - get a working 32bit kernel for POWER3 and POWER4
> >  - get 64bit toolchain support (GCC, etc).  Guido Guenther
> >    <agx@sigxcpu.org> is working on this for MIPS64, so there's
> >    some effort to be shared.  Guido knows PPC as well, but
> >    doesn't have the time to do it.
> >  - get a working 64bit kernel
> >  - add a 64 bit support to glibc, I guess.
> An overview of the current status:
> - 64bit 2.6 (straight from Linus) should compile and boot on G5, pseries
>   and iseries (there is one iseries and one pseries driver that is on
>   its way into the kernel, hopefully in the next week or so). (Note
>   while 32bit will boot on power3 and g5, its unlikely to work on POWER4
>   eg 615).
> - binutils works with 64bit, in fact the current 32bit binutils in
>   debian has 64bit support enabled (I requested that a while ago).
> - gcc-3.3 requires patches. This is the sticking point at the moment.
>   The current repository for this is the SUSE 3.3 hammer branch, it
>   includes all the required 64bit support as well. Does debian have a
>   x86-64 toolchain? If so its probably the hammer branch and we can
>   share with those packages. If not we can handle it a number of ways
>   (eg patch against 3.3 mainline).
> - My understanding is gcc-3.4 will have all the necessary patches.
> - glibc works with 64bit
> On a related topic, 32bit ppc currently has no NPTL libc build because
> some of the changes did not make it into gcc-3.3. Again the gcc-3.3
> hammer branch or gcc-3.4 have the bits. I can understand the guys not
> wanting to upset too much before the next release but we need to get
> NPTL support in or we will be behind x64, x86-64, s390 and ia64. The
> suggestion was to do some experimental gcc-3.3-hammer + libc6-nptl
> packages. Maybe this could tie in with our ppc64 toolchains.
> Other than that, we need to iron out the installer issues:
> - making bootable cdroms. I can help with this, there is a bit of black
>   magic to making pseries bootable cds. G5 bootable should just work
> - lots of small installer bugs, like no fdisk (only the pmac-fdisk)

Forwarded for the benefit of -powerpc.
Martin Michlmayr

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