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Re: Need to Install Benh iMac Kernel -- But How?

> Yeah, removed cpufreq and powerbook support for now.
> BTW, you don't recommend it, but would it still be ok for using
> debian-installer ? 
> The idea is to do the initial installation with 2.4, as there is not yet
> framework for 2.6 kernels, and then, in stage 2 of the installation,
> install a 2.4 or 2.6 kernel, user choice.

I never had any problem installing with a 2.6 kernel ;)

(Using old installer, installing woody minimal first, then upgrading
to sid)

> Anyway, now that i have the 2.4.25 package out, i will be doing a 2.6.3
> kernel.
> BTW, i only built a SMP version of the -power4 kernel. Do you think this
> is ok, as i believe most power4 boxes are/will be SMP ones. How big is
> the performance hit on single processor using the SMP kernel ? 

I haven't measured, it's probably significant though. There are some
UP G5s, I don't know how many of those though.

> /me wonders if i could get a fast G5 box sponsored, since it took me
> two damn days to get these kernels built on my 1GHz G4 :).

Dunno :)


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