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Re: benh 2.6.3 kernel problems TiBook III

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 08:03:15PM -0700, Mike Van Milligan wrote:
> 	I just built the 2.6.3 kernel from souce.mvista.com. Everything went 
> fine, I installed it, ran ybin and rebooted. Then the fun started, 
> while booting, it locked on the open-pic: exit line. The same problem 
> that arose when I tried building the 2.6.3 source from kernel.org. I 
> asked around and everyone told me to get ben's kernel so I did, yet I 
> received the same result. I am running a TiBook III, 800 MHz, 1 GB RAM 
> (I had sid running prior to this build). I used basically the config 
> from <http://www.cattlegrid.net/~christophe/titanium/> added some 
> crypto features, but didn't touch anything else. I was wondering if 
> there is a quick fix to this? Am I able to build 2.6.xx? Is there an 
> easier way to get back into my system, instead of re-installing (for 
> the 4th time)? Any help would be appreciated!

I am trying the 2.6 kernel. It looks like it locks after the open-pic
exit line but in fact it simply run without the console. I heard
hard-drive noises, waited and got X.


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