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Re: Mol startup error

I am running debian unstable on a tibook IV. For me, the OSX drivers are in mol-drivers-macosx. Installing MOL defaults to installing the mol-drivers-linux. Try looking for it using one of these commands:

$ dpkg -l mol-drivers-macosx
$ apt-cache search mol-drivers-macosx

Look at the man pages of apt-cache and dpkg for more information on their usage.


dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
How exactly do I check this? I've searched dselect, and there doesn't appear to be a mol-drivers-macosx package, is it something in the mol file?


Quoting Steven Blanchard <sgblanch@uncc.edu>:

dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:

Can't read Elf32 image header Fatal error: drivers/bootx is not an ELF image

My guess is that the OSX drivers are not installed. Check to see if you have the mol-drivers-macosx package installed.

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